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Pivovarský dům benedict

entrees and specials with beer

Tasting pairing of four beers and four small dishes on a board (4x 25 g + 4x 9 cl)
260 CZK
Poultry liver pate with fresh herbs and cranberries, our wheat-rye bread
130 CZK
Homemade pickled cheese with onions and chilli hair, our wheat-rye bread
130 CZK
Overnight slow-cooked pork in its own juice, beer, and rosemary, toasted bread, onion salad with mustard seeds
130 CZK
Marinated pork belly prepared by sous vide method, mustard, horseradish with our wheat-rye bread
160 CZK
Freshly roasted almonds with pepperoni and smoked salt
95 CZK


Chicken broth with meat, root vegetables, noodles, and parsley leaves
85 CZK
Soup of the day
65 CZK

main dishes

Main course of the day
199 CZK
Slow-cooked beef goulash 'Benedict' with an onion base, our bread dumplings, chili pepper, and red onion
260 CZK
Fried pork tenderloin cutlets in sesame breadcrumbs, Viennese potato salad, field greens, lemon
260 CZK
Roasted pork knuckle, cabbage salad, mustard, horseradish and our wheat-rye bread
375 CZK
Duck confit with red beetroot cabbage sweetened with wildflower honey and homemade fluffy dumplings
375 CZK
Chicken breast supreme with rosemary and butter "sous vide", grilled vegetableswith basil pesto
245 CZK
Pulled pork in BBQ marinadewith homemade pumpkin gnocchi, young spinach, and sour Cream with garlicsprouts
265 CZK
Shredded lettuce leaves with pieces of chicken, roasted root vegetables, creamy dressing, and buckwheat popcorn
235 CZK
Creamy dill sauce withboiled potatoes in their skins, two soft-boiled eggs, and dill oil
220 CZK
Roasted goat cheese on mixed leaf salad with caramelized walnuts, pickled beet root and honey-mustard dressing
240 CZK


Pancake with mashed strawberries, vanilla sugar, fresh mint, and whipped cream
105 CZK
Strudel with caramelized apples,raisins and vanilla ice cream
110 CZK
Pivovarský dům benedict
Ječná/Lípová 15, 120 00 Praha 2
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Mon-Sat: 11.00-23.30
Sundays: 11.00-23.30
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