Ing. Jan Šuráň

Brewmaster & co-owner of Pivovarský dům

“Beer has always been part of my life. My interest in brewing started during my secondary school studies and since then I have never left the field,” says the brewmaster Ing. Jan Šuráň.

After finishing university degree he first worked in Research Institute of Brewing and Malting  but shortly after The Velvet Revolution he decided to start his own business. Together with his colleagues he founded a company PIVO Praha that specializes in design and supply of technologies and solutions for microbreweries. Later he became one of the co-owners of companies Pivovarský dům (Brewery House), Pivovarský klub (Brewery Club) and Břevnovský klášterní pivovar Sv. Vojtěcha (Břevnov Monastery Brewery of St. Vojtech) in Prague.

Beer is not only his everyday job but also his biggest hobby. He is a chairman of Czech-Moravian Association of Small Brewers. And regulary judges many renowned world beer contests such as World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Festival, European Beer Star and others. In the Czech republic he organizes competition Jarní cena českých sládků for Czech brewmasters. 

His favourite beer is draught Czech lager.
Pivovarský dům benedict
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